Take care of the little egg...it might hatch!

Ludum dare entry: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/46/balanced-parenting

A - D or left - right arrow key  or mouse click on the left/right side of the screen to rotate the nest

First game, taught myself unity during the quarantine. 

Even publishing something playable was a big win for me,thank you for playing. theme was: KEEP IT ALIVE (i wanted to add so many things but i really couldn't in two days,maybe next time i'll be faster!) 

Art by my dear GF and her lovely sister: @jris_blue
(bug fixing by the great master engineering programmer my honeybunny GF)


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Welcome to the world of game creation. You've made a splendid debut.

You should add a link back to the game at the LD -site so that people can rate it more easily.

thank you!

(link added)