Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, there was a powerful mage who roamed the land. He was beloved by the villagers, and cherished by the nobility.

But... he had a little problem with gambling, and cheating. You see, all his magic was achieved through mischiefs. He couldn't stop himself, robbing everyone who stood in his way.

One day the good people of the kingdom had enough. They stormed his tower and demanded their money back! The king sent his guard to seal the deal. Only a good cast of dice could save the mage at this point!


Mobile controls:

  • to select a die, simply tap on it
  • to deselect all dice, tap with two fingers

PC controls:

  • to select a die, left click on it
  • to deselect all dice, right click anywhere

⚠️ We were late on the submission , VFXs are missing for these spells, please don't be mean to us! Here are a few hints:




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Very cool game, great entry!

 Thank you for playing!

(2 edits) (+3)

The game is really fun and juicy! Congrats to the whole team!

WOW that's close, Thank you for playing!